Faces of Discovery

Meet Iowa State Researchers Striving to Make the World a Better Place


A Person-Centered Approach to Scientific Success

In our society, we are so heavily driven on drugs, pharmaceuticals, and finding a cure for everything. But we have 2 million people in the U.S. living with Parkinson’s disease right now, and researchers often forget about this. Who knows if there will ever be a cure. But if there is a way to slow it down, make patients’ quality of life better, and they can do that by just singing? That is a pretty big impact on its own.

Elizabeth Stegemoller, Associate Professor, Kinesiology


Le Cordon Bleu’s loss is Iowa State’s Gain

I’m proud every time I step in front of a classroom because it’s an opportunity to break stereotypes and change perceptions for not only people who might identify with me, but also for those who don’t.

Samantha Cross, Associate Professor, Marketing


A historian who’s passionate about environmental history . . . and training AKC champions

Learning from the past and how people have adapted in this ecosystem . . . is invaluable in helping us adapt to the present time and the future.

Julie Courtwright, Associate Professor, History