The Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA) assigns their staff based on VP/college and/or institute/center affiliations (unit).  The Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (OIPTT) further delineates staff assignments by company or agreement type.  Please see the contact information for your unit at and  Sponsored Programs Accounting assigns their staff based on college and/or center affiliations.  Please see the current list on the SPA website.

It depends. Some sponsors notify the principal investigator first, some notify them simultaneously and some notify OSPA/OIPTT first.  PIs may receive the award directly from the sponsor. If this occurs, please forward the award or communication to OSPA or OIPTT so that we can review and sign the award, or draft an agreement as required, and have SPA set up the project’s worktag number.  Please identify the GoldSheet number for the award when forwarding communications to OSPA or OIPTT.  If a GoldSheet was not previously routed, a new GoldSheet must be submitted and approved prior to signature and set up of the award.

No, university rules require that OSPA/OIPTT accept sponsored program awards on behalf of the university and its faculty and staff.

ISU and the ISU Foundation developed the following guidelines to assist faculty and staff in determining whether their award is a gift or sponsored project.  Questions about the guidelines should be directed to either Becky Musselman at or Donna Van Pelt at

Many awards received by OSPA/OIPTT contain terms and conditions that do not conform to university policies, Regent policies, and/or state law.  These terms must be modified before the university can accept the award.  If the award is with a corporation or a commodity, the OIPTT Industry Contracts Team ( will conduct the negotiation with the sponsor.  The OSPA Awards Team ( will negotiate the terms and conditions for all other sponsor types.  OSPA/OIPTT strives for speedy negotiations but the timeliness of contract modification is also dependent on the amount of time sponsors require to review modifications and seek approvals for changes.

Please contact OSPA/OIPTT to let them know your project has been selected to receive an award. OSPA/OIPTT will need all of the following to set up a worktag for you: Original award notification, fully routed and approved GoldSheet, copy of the submitted proposal and any sponsor-approved revisions, and copy of the approved budget and budget narrative. Sponsored projects usually require a signed agreement before an award is considered binding.

Deliver or send the check to the Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA) office for deposit.

Please refer to the SPA website for further information regarding incentive accounts.

No. If you have been notified by the sponsor that an award is imminent, let OSPA/OIPTT know. There is a process to set up an advanced worktag for some awards so you may be able to begin spending in advance of the receipt of the award. It is important to know the intended award type and start date of the award to determine if an advanced worktag is an option.

Yes!  PIs should always review the full terms and conditions of their awards and understand what is required of them.

An advanced worktag is an account that can be set up for you in advance of receipt of your award.  Your department/college/center/institute administrative support staff can assist you in making this request to OSPA/OIPTT.  The Advanced Worktag Request Form can be found at  Notification of the advanced worktag number will come by a Workday notification.

Please refer to the SPA website for further information.  When an award has been signed by both the sponsor and by OSPA/OIPTT, it is ready to receive a worktag number.  SPA will enter budget, invoicing, and financial reporting information into the university’s Workday system and will generate a worktag number for your award. It usually takes a couple of days for a worktag number to be generated after the award has been signed by both the sponsor and OSPA/OIPTT.  SPA will notify you of the worktag number by a Workday notification.

Review your award terms and conditions to determine the appropriate process for requesting changes to your award budget.  If sponsor approval is required, submit your rebudget request to or on the Rebudget Request Form, found at, and include a justification for the proposed changes.  OSPA/OIPTT will forward the request to the sponsor if required.  Upon receipt of sponsor approval, OSPA/OIPTT will transmit the approved budget revisions to SPA, who will update the budget in the university’s Workday system.

Please refer to the SPA website for further information.  The additional worktag numbers are called secondary award lines (SALs) and are set up after the main (parent) worktag is established in Workday.  To request a secondary award line, please work with your department/college/center/institute administrative support staff and process the Secondary Award Line form found at