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Science Friday Live


Saturday, May 04 2024 to Saturday, May 04 2024 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Stephens Auditorium

Each May 4th is a celebration of one of the greatest Science Fiction adventures the world has ever known. But this May 4th, you can experience and celebrate the wonders of
Science Reality during a special live performance hosted by award-winning journalist Ira Flatow and the team that brings you Science Friday every week.

There will be music, engaging videos and visuals, and interactive moments. Best of all, you’ll learn about the exciting discoveries taking place in your own backyard as Flatow interviews local researchers and scientists who are changing the world one experiment at a time.

This event is presented by Iowa State University of Science & Technology and the Office of the Vice President for Research in partnership with Iowa Public Radio.


Stephens Auditorium
1900 Center Drive
Ames, Iowa 50011