Training & Professional Development

Broader Impact Identity

Most researchers are comfortable thinking about and discussing their research identity — who they are as researchers and what contributions they hope to make to their discipline through their research over the course of their careers. It is far less common, however, for researchers to think about their impact identity — the lasting impacts they aspire to have on their community and on society, as a whole, through their broader impacts work.   This interactive workshop will introduce the concept of a broader impacts identity and walk investigators through a process for starting to define BI identity. While any researcher is likely to benefit from this workshop, it is particularly relevant to early-career researchers (as well as to broader impacts [...] Read Moreabout Broader Impact Identity

Working with Subrecipients

This session will discuss practical ways to work with subrecipients and collaborators during the proposal preparation and submission process, as well as dive deeper into budget templates and special circumstances for budgets. We’ll talk about effective communication strategies and tips to manage timelines to make the subrecipient process as smooth and successful as possible. Registration [...] Read Moreabout Working with Subrecipients

IRB Special Topic: Research with Children

Planning to do some research involving children? Are you aware of the special requirements and additional steps you'll need to follow? Join us for this discussion into the additional steps and requirements that you will need to be aware of while working with children as human research subjects. There are a few special requirements to take into account and ensure your project gets off without a hitch!   Registration [...] Read Moreabout IRB Special Topic: Research with Children